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The Project: Pcb-rnd

Background: pcb-rnd is a gpl licensed circuit board layout program forked from the pcb project. This site is for initial fundraising to free up addtional pcb-rnd dev time for the lead developer igor2. Currently, pcb-rnd development time is carved from igor2's spare hours in the early morning, evening, weekends, and holidays.

All funds donated here will go towards this additional pcb-rnd development time.

Motivation: As cschem and genxproj take up a larger share of free time for development, it will be important to free up some normal working hours in order to sustain the development of pcb-rnd. Regardless of the sucess or failure of this effort, work on pcb-rnd will continue, but it will just take longer to reach the milestones.

Motivation part two: You just received shiny new pcbs back from the fab, they were developed with pcb-rnd and they look great. Now, you can now send a $5 or other amount as a thank you to the lead developer of pcb-rnd.

Alternative option: funding feature development
Another option is to pay for development of pcb-rnd features you or your company requires. Inquire with igor2 about feature development with pcb-rnd

Goals: At this time, supporting extra devoted time for pcb-rnd development is very affordable. some metrics for support:
Four supporters pledging $12/month ($48/month total) activates more than a regular working day's of development per month. Sustaining donations of over $100usd equivalent per week enables part time work towards pcb-rnd development. Since starting this project, this target has come into reach, and I'm looking to taking this to the next level with fiscal sponsorship and a casting a wider call for donations to the pcb-rnd project.

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Sponsoration Status

Donation Records

Date [DD/MM/YYYY] Name Amount Tx Fee Balance
01/01/20202021 Starting Balance 765.610.00765.61
27/02/2021P├ęter Kalicz5.000.52788.61

Directed pcb-rnd Project Records

Date [DD/MM/YYYY] Project Name Donor Name Amount Tx Fee Balance
16/08/2021for HID effortsErich Heinzl750.0033.42716.58
18/08/2021for gtk4 workAltus Metrum, LLC 750.0022.171444.41
18/08/2021for gtk4 projR. Miloh55.590.001500.00